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About the CRES (Cognitive Research for Exploratory Search) project

The CRES project's goal is to investigate user's behavior and cognitive processes during various information seeking tasks on the web. Various users' activities were collected for analysis by using eye-trackers, think-aloud, etc., for the purpose of designing better interactive IR systems for exploratory searches.

This project has been supported by MEXT Grants in Aid and National Institute of Informatics joint research grants .

Members (alphabetical order)

Yuka Egusa
Senior Researcher, National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Japan
Noriko Kando
Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Makiko Miwa
Professor, The Open University of Japan, Japan
Hitomi Saito
Associate Professor, Aichi University of Education, Japan
Masao Takaku
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Hitoshi Terai
Associate Professor, Nagoya University, Japan

Outcomes and Activities

Introduction and overview of CRES project


Karuizawa Seminar, supported by "Information Access Technologies Supporting Exploratory and Learning" (A01-38) in MEXT grant-in-aid for Info-plosion.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Invited Talks and Panels

Other Publications


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